Catolauge Secrets for DECEMBER!!!!!

Well, here’s your catolauge secrets for December!

Wood Stove!


Big Screen TV!!!!

(Every Catolauge)

New Suff!!!!

(Old Furni Brought Back)

That’s it!


21 Responses to Catolauge Secrets for DECEMBER!!!!!

  1. Lensflare says:

    Ew you took that with a camer?

    To take pictures of your screen,

    1. Start>Run>Type “mspaint”
    2. Go to the page you want to capture.
    3. Press PrintScreen on your keyboard.
    4. Press Ctrl+V in mspaint.
    5. Crop out the excess.
    6. Save it as a JPEG.

  2. coooliocp says:

    ty dude thats gonna help me a LOT!

    lol ty soooooo much

  3. coooliocp says:

    o also can any1 who looks at this tell people about this site?

    and i u do, i will b your buddy on CP!

  4. coooliocp says:

    all right, now its fixed

  5. Lensflare says:

    Good luck with your website…

    And thanks SO MUCH for not plagiarising my site!

    From Coooliocp-
    Ya I’m not that kind of a guy!
    Plz tell people about this site

  6. matt says:

    where do you get free money

    Free money is for HACKERS!!!!!!!!!! DONT HACK!


    do u now how to get the secret deluxe stone igloo please tell me

    I’m sorry, i only know where the stone igloo is. I’LL LOOK FOR THAT AND POST WHEN I FIND IT!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Mrcash says:

    This cheat might not work but when about to play cart surfer and asks you to play say yes and type in “asdfghjkl”! You’ll sometimes get 99999! Might not work though…

  9. Kenny says:

    is mr cash right???????
    i tried it like a gazillion times

  10. Kenny says:

    is mr cash right???????

  11. FSFSFFD says:

    i think

  12. Clark says:

    Does the 99999 thing work?

  13. Jaria (hi ppl) says:


  14. Jaria (hi ppl) says:

    the 99999 thing with cart surfer and asdfghjkl is all a lie

  15. Jaria (hi ppl) says:

    i tried it like a millon times and it didn’t work

  16. Elvis63 says:

    cooolio please be my buddy!!!i have none so i want some now. Please!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!??!!??!?!!?!???!!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?

  17. Super HACKER says:

    If u no where the neww secret stone igloo is for this upgrade mag tell me plz

  18. I work 4 rochhopper says:

    Yo Yo that thing mrchash said does work i did it lyk a million times and nw im rich lol lol lol lol hahaha im rich

  19. its all a joke says:

    what mr chash said was wrong it can never happen i asked like a million cheaters they say its impossable

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