CPJ is the next New Club!

CPJ stands for Club Penguin Jokers! This is a new club and we DANCE!!!!!! If you are a Member with a Joker’s Helmet, post your name and when you’ll be on! I’ll see you there!

Also- Tell other people you know about the CPJ! Whoever gets the most people to join gets to be the Co-Leader of CPJ!

So far, here are the People in CPJ:

Cooolio (Leader)

Blah654 (Co-Leader)

Lemon Lemony

Love of Cole



Nice Jay




(Your CPJ Leader)


93 Responses to CPJ is the next New Club!

  1. colooa says:

    i want to be a joker

  2. colooa says:

    joker please i have the joker hat and im cool

    ok- Meet me in mammoth at the coffee shop at 3:00 on SUNDAY.

  3. kbaby says:

    my name is sauch6 and i have the hAT THIS CLUB SOUNDS SO COOL (I AM A MEMBER)

    OK-Meet me in mammoth if full fjord at my place on the map at 4:00.

  4. aqua stimpy (club penguin player) says:

    I LIKE MONKEYS and club penguin…

  5. BEBOP54321 says:

    chocolate and cp o o and HI

  6. BEBOP54321 says:

    i liek chocolate mixed with cheese

  7. Jojo49 says:

    I am a member and I have the joker hat.my name is jeterjunior1.Plz meet me in the coffee shop 4:00 on Mammoth

  8. Summer95 says:

    I want 2 be a Joker plz plz plz……. meet me in Flurry on Saturday at 12:00. thx

    P. S. i am really cool

  9. Summer95 says:

    Sorrry meet me in the Boiler Room

  10. Doodleguy says:

    can u be a joker? i have a joker hat

  11. Jojo49 says:

    Sorry I missed it yesterday.I was busy.
    Meet me 3:00 Sat, Jan.6 on mammoth at my igloo,jeterjunior1.

  12. Summer95 says:

    i really wany 2 be part of CPJ!!!!!!!!!!

  13. corbe says:

    sick!!!!!!!!!!! cool

  14. corbe says:

    yo wassup!!!!!! yo meet me at the club january 6 8:30 am

  15. corbe says:

    yeah i got a joker hat

  16. corbe says:

    sorry i didnt make it how about 11:00 at the dojo

  17. corbe says:

    how about 3: 13 at the dojo ill be wearing red and a joker hat

  18. hi says:

    what is a joker hat??

  19. hi says:

    hi i want to be part of the cpj i mett you in the 3 country in crunch at the day january 7 at 5:00 pm in the dojo my name is piinguiinii i am a member i will be dress with a flamenco dress and a joker hat.

  20. hi says:

    if it full crunch go to sherbet if it full sherbet go to iceland same day same hour same place and same clothes

  21. boo says:

    i wanna be i joker
    i dont have a hat but i am a member and i will be in the same place as hi at the same time but i will be wearing a pizza apron


  22. Papa Grillz says:

    I member and have hat. I go on weekends usually at the night club

  23. Papa Grillz says:

    I go to night club in Coldfront on weekends

  24. hi says:

    hey i am rigth here in the dojo at crunch im piinguiinii

  25. a penguin that no one knows (sneaky sneaky) says:

    meet me in mammoth at 8:00 in the coffee shop today
    p.s. my name is mozerellaman,darn it! now u know me (not so sneaky)lol

  26. james rockliffe says:


  27. quizzies says:

    i want to become cpj please

  28. Summer95 ( cool penguin) :) says:

    dude i am waiting in Grizzly at 8:00 in the boiler room >:O

  29. Cruzzin says:

    I realy want to be apart of CPJ realy bad meet me on Wensday at 8:00! PLTZ PREETY PLTZ LET ME BE APART OF CPJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Summer95 ( cool penguin) :) says:

    DUDE i really want 2 be part of CPJ. Go into the server Half Pipe (American). Meet me in the Dojo on Wendesday January 10th @ 8;00 pm. My name is Summer95 and i were the blue viking helmet, suede jaket, ice skates,blue sunglasses,pink skarf, and i am holding a wand. My color is peach.

    Rock On

  31. LOL says:

    i will meet u at the same place as summer but i will be wearing a pizza hat and apron. my username is billy8254

  32. Elvis63 says:

    I will be wearing a sumbrero. Also, i will wear a stripy jacket thingy. I will have on a guitar and i am blue. Come to my igloo on the map!!!!! bye!!!!!!!!!!

  33. gulwa says:

    hi dude my names gulwa im a member and meet me on big surf at town on the 10th at 1:00 pm

  34. Ninja-mask902 says:

    Looky Wooky

  35. Ninja-mask902 says:

    im Looky Wooky and im a member

  36. bad4good101 says:

    please i want to be in the club

  37. Yam Yam20 says:

    Hi coolio can i be in the cpj? ill tell u really good glitches i really wanna be in. I am a member and i have the jesters hat. plz let me in ill tell u the path glitch and the air one. plz plz plz!

  38. homica time says:

    i have the hat i want to be a joker.Also be homica times friend if u see him in cp

  39. Billybob says:

    I wanna be in CPJ so ill be on mammoth at 2:30 on the 20th of jan

  40. WELHAM BIKES says:


  41. rustypipe says:

    i have the jesters hat im also a member and i know ninja meet me in mammoth on the 14 thats tommorw at 1:00 in the coffe shop my name is Rustypipe

  42. Maximan8 says:

    My name is maximan8 and i will be in the town at 10:15A.M. today.

  43. Maximan8 says:

    at avalanch

  44. Lox Fox says:

    I have absolutely NO idea how to get a jokers hat. How do you get one?

  45. wahtever says:

    hi i have a joker hat and my name is wahtever

  46. Lox Fox says:

    I have a jokers helmet and my igloo will be on the map at 4:30pm on January 15th. Is that ok for you? (I am a member)

  47. Dan124 says:

    who ever wants to meet me dan124 meet me on monday at 3:00 at the coffe shop . or i might be at the dojo but mostly at the coffe shop im going to be on the server america and on bigfoot

  48. Anonymous says:

    where do u guys go wat world

  49. Elvis63 says:

    i want to join please!!!

    ~~~~~ Elvis63~~~~~

  50. CP ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    can i join?
    meet me in Mammoth at 6:00 p.m. (Eastern time zone) at the beach on Jan. 20th, my penguin’s name is Jaria. See u there! 🙂

  51. emptiness says:


  52. emptiness says:


  53. emptiness says:


  54. emptiness says:

    : P

  55. emptiness says:

    : D

  56. emptiness says:

    8 )

  57. emptiness says:


  58. emptiness says:

    i’m starting up a cp :rockband: wanna join?

  59. emptiness says:


  60. emptiness says:

    : I

  61. emptiness says:

    : ?

  62. emptiness says:

    : x

  63. jaria says:

    hi emtiness
    waz up

  64. dogluver474 says:

    I have the joker hat! can i meet you somewhere i want to be in it!

  65. sweetiepie 44 says:


  66. hi says:

    can a club penguin joker meet me in the dojo on the server called ice cold at 5:30 tonight

    i do have a joker hat

  67. hi says:

    and my name is billy8254

  68. maximan8 says:

    leader lets post that we are going to make a new war

  69. maximan8 says:

    hey leader lets start a new war PLZ…

  70. billy8254 says:

    i was thinkin about making a war called club penguin rulers!!

    if any1 wants to be in my war then meet me on the server ice cold (united kingdom) at 7:00 in the dojo and my username is billy8254! i will be wearing all the secret agent clothes

  71. billy8254 says:

    i was thinkin about making a war called club penguin rulers!!

    if any1 wants to be in my war then meet me on the server ice cold (united kingdom) at 7:00 in the dojo and my username is billy8254
    i will be wearing all the secret agent clothes

  72. billy8254 says:

    i will only be seen tonight at 7:00 so be quick and dont make me wait

  73. dakota says:

    ok im in my name is black fury im in canada alberta.this is gona rock see you on the site you rock coolio.

  74. dakota says:

    oh ya and e mail me when your gonna be on

  75. billy8254 says:

    how come any of u didnt show up?

    if u wanna join me in the club penguin rulers then meet me at 6:00 tonight in the dojo on the server ice cold (britain)

  76. Anonymous says:


  77. shabro says:

    i am a membor
    and ive got the hat
    can i join

  78. keelord says:

    can i join i have a joker hat

  79. ?????????? says:

    how do u get the pink hoodie

  80. paintboy100 says:

    yea how do u get the pink hoodie

  81. cathal says:

    i mant 2 be part how do i get th joker hat!!!

  82. yo says:

    can i b a joket

  83. joker plz but i need the hat

  84. ????????? says:


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