Confusion and Other Stuff

Sorry about all the confusion about my coins. That photo is EDITED! I will tell you guys if the picture is real or fake. I did not tell you guys my coins because I will post the REAL DEAL later this month.


A admin contest is starting!!! Get the most referrals and you’re the NEW ADMIN!!!!!!


Walk on walls in lighthouse:

1st Hide behind the fish box. 2nd Click on the door then very quicky click on the top part of the house. 3rd Now go back and forth.


7 Responses to Confusion and Other Stuff

  1. jaria (hi ppl) says:

    i’m 1st!!!!!!!!! yay

  2. Blueelmo17 says:

    cool im second!

  3. o2090 says:

    i am 3rd lucky number

  4. gossipgurl25 says:

    This site has good rules, formatting, posts, etc. and I would like to be an admin.
    How can I do this?
    Please e-mail me at for the answer, unless you’re too busy, then you can post it here.
    u no u heart me!

    Leader of CPR and SCPS 8)

  5. boo says:

    anyone there

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