New ….?

Apparently in this month’s furniture catalauge there is new furni but also a “whole new way to decorate your igloo,” says Bilybob.



8 Responses to New ….?

  1. marissa345 says:

    please tell me what the new igloo is and can i become a modeter and how can i be come a ninja and please answer back with a real answer!

  2. jinga ninja says:

    I am a ninja
    first be 310 days old then stay
    in the dojo for 30 miunits without moveing
    every 5
    miunits do somthing like trow snow
    but dont waddle after 30 miunits
    2 or 3 ninjas will apere (very very) quicly
    say yes then follow them then say yes after
    you are in the secret room say yes to the master
    ninja then after 1 or 2 miunits go off and on
    club peunguin ( your peunguin will sonn be banned for
    72 hours)

  3. Someone says:

    The ninja cheat doesnt work

  4. Ricksam says:

    hi poooooooooooooooooo

  5. Mimo777 says:

    yerh he probebly will

  6. Mimo777 says:

    Dont tell enyone

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