New Contest

Well, this one is for 11,o52 coins!

This one’s for the best-looking igloo! Simply decorate, then post your name and when you’ll be on next. Put the time and time zone, the date, and the server. I am one of three judges-
We will judge you guys from 1-100.

Good luck!



10 Responses to New Contest

  1. jordan4 says:

    My username is Yupppeers
    I will am on right now are you on?
    can you check out my igloo?
    also i am in the polar bear server

  2. rustypipe says:

    hey cooolio its me im finnaly ready my username is Rustypipe and meet me in the mammoth server tommorow at around three o’ clock well im basicly your buddy so anytime is nice when ure on also cani be a club penguin joker plz. please commet back cya

  3. man says:

    my guys name is daniel454r i rok.. i hope

  4. webkinz66787 says:

    i don’t have a website!!! but i still want to meet u in the mukluk server, my name is webkinz66787. nonmember thx!!

  5. webkinz66787 says:

    how are ya today?

  6. webkinz66787 says:

    jeese they got the time all mixed up its 10:10am

  7. webkinz66787 says:

    anyone there??

  8. webkinz66787 says:

    i guess not.

    P.S u better talk

  9. webkinz66787 says:


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