Well, penguins wanted to party, so here it is!

Friday, February 9th @ 6:00 (Eastern Time!)!!!

Mammoth (American)

My place on the map!!!

Thepassword to the CPJ page will be revealed @ 6:10!!!



15 Responses to Partay!

  1. coooliocp says:


  2. Cooolio says:


  3. sasha7645 says:

    6 pm where? times are different around the world and around the country

  4. sasha7645 says:

    6pm where? because there is like pacific time and all so tell me that or tell me the state or province the time is at! thank you bye. i know its the 4th message i leave about that but please reply this time!

  5. chaos21 says:

    6 PM EASTERN, that’s where, so all you have to do is figure out where that time zone is then you can do the math from there

  6. chaos21 says:

    so if you’re in pacific, then it’s 3 pm, for me it’s 4:10 pm…

  7. coooliocp says:

    The party is in EASTERN TIME!!!


  8. Blueelmo17 says:

    if u r in cali. or other states ova there it’s 3 pm
    texas and states ova there is 4 pm
    ohio and states closer to mass is 5pm and the eastern coast is 6 pm like he said.

    there u go. no more math needed.

    ur welcome pplz

  9. Ham Hat says:

    I know about the party,but what cp password do you mean?

  10. Endless Pi says:

    if thats 6:00 eastern time then wut time is it in western/californian time?

  11. Michael979 says:

    Hey cooolio I’ll try to be there if I’m not full k?

  12. Cat Cat 49 says:

    woot! A_A
    { ‘*’ }
    (.) (.) Kitty!

  13. Greendaypunk says:

    WOOH!! IM comin to the party cooolio!!!!

  14. sasha7645 says:


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