Tipping the Iceburg

It is NOT possible!!! Here’s a funny (EDITED) video on youtube!

I love it!



9 Responses to Tipping the Iceburg

  1. rapluva98 says:

    Is that youtube video true? Is it possible?

  2. sarah says:

    that did not work

  3. Popcorn 623 says:

    I tried it its fake

  4. Nickajack says:

    i belive that it can tip if you dont think so look on youtube its pretty cool

  5. Anonymous says:

    how do you know because penguins say they got 5000 coins for doing that!

  6. lylqtxo says:

    u probably cant tip it so people really have to STOP TRYING!!

  7. Lissa909 says:

    It can be tipped. I’ve seen the YouTube movie and I have seen it happen. My friend tipped it right in front of my eyes.

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