In just a few seconds, the target that you hit didn’t turn!! Here’s a Pic!

Weird, huh?



5 Responses to BROKEN?!?!?!

  1. hjhj says:

    hey coolio if you go to the north pole and try it it will spin it looks really cool

  2. Kendude says:

    cooolie i know why its becasue people put too much spin too it and by the way billybob emaik me about it lol
    yourpal kendude

  3. rubberat says:

    you can see a secret code on the bottom

  4. daarth vader says:

    i did that glitch i asked billybob he said there might be a glitch

  5. tony898 says:

    BillyBob is baned forever!his password is joejoe

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