New Game and Clock Tower

Here’s a Pic of the new game. It will be about pizza and will be fun!

Also, the Clock Tower is in the snow forts. It looks GREAT!!! Here’s a Pic:

I’m sick today, so I’ll be able to see it all day long!



5 Responses to New Game and Clock Tower

  1. Lacey says:

    Hi well i was wadleing around on clubpenguin yesterday and went into the pizza place. Well there was a penguin just wadleing without moving so how do we do that???

  2. daniel says:

    were is the new game

  3. Huuu says:

    if u look right under the target there is a code i think it says “byg” it means by: G cool huh!

  4. pwn says:

    dude this new game pwns

  5. pwn says:

    i agree with lacy! ive been wondering how to do that! HOW?!

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