Pizzatron 3000

WOW! What a day so far! Here how it went.

At about 4:00am PST, crowds started forming at the pizza parlor.

At about 5:15am PST, these crowds formed into a line!

At about 9:15am PST, the crowd started to count down!

At about 9:50am PST, everyone went to the beads!

At 9:55am PST, the word was givin that Pizzatron was OPEN!!!
Here are some screenshots:

Hint- Put the cheese on first and QUICK! This is on all pizzas so u dont even have to look!



3 Responses to Pizzatron 3000

  1. EMPEROAR DA MAN says:

    cheez thats cool how they react differently when time goes by

  2. tailie says:

    theres a cheat you pull the lever on the pizzatron 3000 and after pulling it you can make candy pizzas

  3. kikigurl36 says:

    yeah. tailie is right!

    stay icy cool,

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