I am so sorry that I deleted you! It was an accident. There was some1 named harry 67 and I thought he was you!!! So plz, PLZ email me at w00titall@e-garfield.com!!! If not possible, please meet me on mammoth tuesday 3:30 Eastern time. TY SO MUCH!!!



3 Responses to Harry

  1. emperoar says:

    harry wus mad at you and wus kinda peed off cuz you deleted him. But, Now he knows why you deleted him. IT WUS ALL AN ACCIDENT!!!

  2. Popcorn 623 says:

    ill go on at 10:00 eastern time if u want 2 meet me

  3. harry72796 says:

    cooolio, sorry i wasnt there i was going to galveston so meet me today at 4:00 PST im going to moody gardens thats why its so late so4:00 PST, at my place!TODAY

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