Year Old Party!!!

Guess what? Yestarday my penguin turned 1!!! I am hosting a party this Friday. It will be on Klondike at my place at 4:30-5:00!!! Have fun!!!!!!!

Also- Here is MY version of Sargentsalt’s edit. EDITED!!! (yet a little more believeable)
Mine Shaft
Also, Check out this cool banner 4 my party!!!
B-day Sign



5 Responses to Year Old Party!!!

  1. JB 828 says:

    yay first comment!! can anybody come to ur party??
    i hope it will be cool!! 🙂

  2. JB 828 says:

    mannn im sooo hungry!!!! Ill eat ur puffles!!!

  3. i cant wait for the new mission but come on i cant wait any longer for it and also if you like adventure games go to it rocks.

  4. blah654 says:

    Yo penguins!!!! My b-day is coming up too!!! I have about 2 days!! So ill be holding a party at my place on Monday, the 19th on klondike at 5:00 pst. Hope to see you there!!=)

  5. blah654 says:

    sorry! i meant 5:00 EST.

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