Cool Edits

I was VERY bored today, so I made some edits of the Lucky Hat.

Blue Lucky Hat!!!

Purple Lucky Hat!!!



13 Responses to Cool Edits

  1. if only we could edit things in the realy game for different colors…

  2. blah654 says:

    pretty cool cooolio.

  3. dude im at your party when you said it would be but im not like on ur buddy list so open up your igloo. is your real penguin name coolio?

  4. omfg dude u wont add me as a budd y & im at ur party

  5. my penguin is doodlegurl18

  6. gosh no you werent my buddy you never accpeted me so you had no reasaon to say that jerk

  7. JB 828 says:

    IM soooooo bored!!!!! nobody came to my party!!!
    mannnn im sooo angry!!!! 😦

    p.s.WTF Mate!!! 🙂

  8. jess says:


  9. lambo gallar says:

    how do you do dat im trying to to dat but i mess up

  10. Anonymous says:

    thats dumb why would you make those colored hats? you are so boring coooiol, ( dumblio )

  11. doodlegurl18 says:

    o wow your retarded

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