I am so incredibly sorry!!!

My internet went out like 10 minutes till the party. I decided to write down what I was thinking. If you want to read it, click here.
Well anyway, the internet didn’t work for the rest of the night. and, as the picture says, the party will be rescheduled for Monday at 1:00 PST in Klondike, My Place, On The Map



16 Responses to I am so incredibly sorry!!!

  1. JB 828 says:

    ohhhh so that is why ur party didnt sart well ok coolio

  2. JB 828 says:

    p.s. milk rulez!!! 🙂

  3. harry72796 says:

    cooolio! meet me at mammoth 1:00 central time saturday in my iggy, it will be open

  4. JB 828 says:

    can any body talk 2 me im soooo bored 😦

  5. harry72796 says:

    cooolio! meet me at 1:30 central time!at my iggy it will be open!

  6. i can adn im sry coolio that i kept on asking to be your buddy, but you werent on my buddy list, i might have been on yours but you werent on mine. so yeah my penguin was doodlegurl18 and was waiting for a while to meet you so when i met you i wanted to be your buddy really bad

  7. dancer2813 says:

    Hi Cooolio since im your buddy i noticed you werent on and i wondered why. I cant wait for the party BYE 🙂 :mrgreen:

  8. peace00 says:

    hi coolio, does PST mean Penguin Standard time? well if it does its 4:00 and you arents there, please can you go on Friday at 6:00 PST??????? PLEASE!?!?!? well if you cant i understand but i realllllly want to meet you. WELL YOU ROCK! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  9. peace00 says:

    ok i see you now but can you still go on on friday because my friend wants to meet you , she is doodlgurl18, i know you already met her and you didnt accept her as a buddy but she really wnt s you as a buddy s can you go on Friday klondike, at 6:00 PST???!?!?!??! please

  10. peace00 says:

    hi cooolio its me again you are probably annoyed of me by now but my friend has you as a buddy but me and her are having a sleepover friday and we want to be there the same time as you so can you go on at 6:00 PST lol i ve asked you that 3 times now but please can you? ROC ON! ! ! ! 😀

  11. peace00 says:

    cooolio you stink (jerk) , you are so mean, you deleted me from your buddy list and now i dont have you as a buddy, you probably do that to everyone, you jsut add theem and as soon as they get off you delete them. wuts up with that man

  12. ananymous says:

    YOU STINK COOOLIO! ! ! ! ! !!

  13. Brittany says:

    Ya you suck cooolio, you deleted me to. why do you do that? you think you are so cool and then you go and delete ppl after you said you are having a party so ppl can meet you and then you jsut delete them? thats stupid, i hate you, i am going to look for a new cheat site


  14. Im2fast says:

    Ya same here cooolio, i thought you were kool and all but now, i think you are a piece of junk, im looking for a new site2 brittany and peace

  15. Anonymous says:

    and i bet you arent really even sry that you missed your own party, I cant believe you cooolio, you only keep ppl who are members, like me, but peace, and brittany arent members are they? huh? HUH!!!!!!! youre mean cooolio i cant believe you

  16. Anonymous says:


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