No Newspaper Dance!!!

Well, CP surprized me this time! The y took away the option for the News-Dance! Now you can’t do it!!!

Also- Cool glitch

Well first, go to the mountain. Next click on the bunny hill. Now, WHILE YOU ARE DOING THIS, click the map. When it askes, would you lake to sled race? Say, YES!!! Once someone joins (you can talk by pressing the tab button on the keyboard), wait 5 seconds. Now, go to the town. QUICKLY after you arrive, press W. You should walk to the upper-left corner of the screen. Then, click the coffee shop and QUICKLY the main area of the town. Next, click on the night club entrance, the left path, or the right path. While you are walking, press W repeditively. You should be standing on the path!

(=Cooolio=) (eggter4 stole my siggy!!!! Now it’s NEW!!!)


13 Responses to No Newspaper Dance!!!

  1. JB 828 says:

    waz up coolio

  2. emperoar says:

    aww i knew that before u

  3. peace00 says:

    coolio where are you? its 1:00 PST, does that mean club penguins standard time? because if it is, you arents on klondike like you said you were gonna be, please go on again on Friday at 6:00 Penguin Stangdard time please!?!?!?!?!?

  4. peace00 says:

    otherwise coolio…………………………..

  5. blah654 says:

    HA!!!! I posted that before you!!! lol

  6. blah654 says:

    but yours is right…

  7. I totally agreee with peace00 ………………………..
    (peace00 is my best buddy)

  8. ronan says:

    club penguin what do they do with the member ship money

  9. Kate says:

    it didn’t work for me!

  10. ronan says:

    you ROCK!!!MAN

  11. Anonymous says:

    u stink cooolio

  12. doodlegurl18 says:

    yeah really you do i take that back

  13. adam says:

    i tried that sledding glitch but it didnt work

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