I forgot to give a link 2 bannerbreak.com!!!
Bannerbreak- Where I Get My Banners!!!



11 Responses to Oops!

  1. Backwash10 says:

    u just said YER MOMMA

  2. gumrox13 says:

    bannerbreak is so retarded

  3. peace00 says:

    yeah whatever cooolio you dont know anything

  4. Backwash10 says:

    doodlegurl18 and peace00 yall both stink idiots

  5. Backwash10 says:


  6. androcleas89 says:

    im with backwash10

  7. doodlegurl18 says:

    well you guys suck not us i cant believe you actually liek this crap guy

  8. JB 828 says:

    im not gonna join the fight….. 😦

  9. doodlegurl18 says:

    yeah! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! and coolio you suck!

  10. super hero90 says:


  11. peace00 says:

    in your dreams “super hero”

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