A LOT!!!

Clothing Catalog-
BLUE CAPE- In the 3-D glasses.
Thats all that I found. If you have something else, PLEASE COMMENT!

1- The Bottom-right picture in the lighthouse
2- Coffe shop (In the blender)
3- Mine Shack (In the end of the pipe)
4- Pizza Parlor (In the right light)
5- In the Mine (floats by)
6- The Gift in the Gift Shop Sign
7- Boiler room (In the top-right shelf)
8- In the Pirate telescope
PRIZE= Blue Bunny Hat! (I have the pink)

To find these, I used the hints. They were pretty easy!



29 Responses to A LOT!!!

  1. blah654 says:


  2. yankateer says:

    Coolio if you go to my blog you’ll know where the viking helmets are but please comment on my blog!

  3. yankateer says:

    Also, they don’t have the yellow 1 anymore.

  4. emperoar says:

    the red one is in the leaf on the kimono and there is no more gold. go to my site at emperoar.wordpress.com

  5. Kendude says:

    sorry im not signed in my website but nice work finding all of the eggs!

    -Kendude 😉

  6. Rustypipe says:

    dued this sucks! my friggin computer got hcked so now i can only get in one room of clubpenguin-where ever it friggin loads me

  7. Loatheb says:

    Omg Cooolio! U suck. Even i know where the Viking Helmets are!

  8. blah654 says:

    Wheres the viking helmets?

  9. Anonymous says:


  10. sail4ever182 says:

    you can wear the conductors hat with any of the musical instruments and still play them. for example you can wear the conductors hat and the guitar and still strum. also is it possible to play the tuba?

    And if u are a member penguin and u want lots of stuff and coins but u are afraid of getting banned, Put ur penguin into safe mode. then no one can ban you but can buy u lots of stuff. and when you are playing you can take it out of safe mode. SO, post ur passwords someplace with ur penguin in safe mode and get lots of coins

  11. rapluva98 says:

    no. u cant play the tuba. i tried it

  12. emperoar says:

    hey cooolio and blah i put your site on my blogroll on my site cuz you guys are kool


    GO TO EMPEROARS SITE ITS KOOL http://emperoar.wordpress.com/

  13. Anonymous says:

    cooolio how did you get the pink ears

  14. will says:

    the viking helmet is in the leaves of the kimono

  15. hann74444 says:

    where is the pink bunny ears

  16. Popcorn 623 says:

    how do u put ur penguin in safe mode

  17. Anonymous says:

    you dont know the viking helmet

  18. Nix!!! says:

    How Did you get the pink ears. where they out last year, and is there any other colour?

  19. Anonymous says:

    the pink ears were out last year

  20. Anonymous says:

    o ok

  21. sail4ever182 says:

    hey if anyone needs help standing behind the tour booth, this is how you do it.

    first, make your window be in fullscreen (press f11) THen put ur mouse over the tourbooth. (this also works for many other things) now, press and hold tab. DO NOT move you mouse. click and you will be there

  22. Anonymous says:

    o thats kool sail4ever182

  23. funnypenguin says:

    I know other cheats from the catalog, go on the page with the kimono and click on the flower on the top right hand corner for the red viking hat, and to get the blue viking hat click on the flower again three times and for the fourth time you will get the blue viking hat(note; you have to be a member, but you can check it out but you can’t buy it)
    I’m also looking for a team, my name is pengujmk and make an apointment with me to be in my gansta team.

  24. cpcheatingexc says:

    hey cooolio what type of set up is on you blog

  25. funnypenguin says:

    hey dude, are you on cp?

  26. Anonymous says:

    hey dude ya im on

  27. rapluva99 says:

    damn. u rock cooolio!!

  28. ggawl says:

    http://www.ggawl.wordpress.com for millions of cheats and glitches like this:

    To look like your being arrested:

    Take all your clothes out and exit out of your card
    Then open in up and put on the tour guide hat but DONT exit out, make sure you can see your penguin, then wave and it will look like hes putting up his flippers!

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