Rockhopper You Will See!

I just noticed this, which is kinda dumb. On the door of the “Captain’s Courters,” there is a notice.
This means that you will get to see Rockhopper for sure!!!
The notice is obviously to buy time to make his room.
TIP FOR SEEING HIM- Go on late at night (as in like, 2 in the morning) so that not a lot of people are on. Then the room won’t be full!
ALSO- There is no “key!”!!!!! Rockhopper will come soo enough.



4 Responses to Rockhopper You Will See!

  1. Freakman22 says:

    Hi Cooolio. U Rule!. I AM FIRST YAY!
    PS I saw you Cooolio on today. (April 29th 2007) At the Ship Hold.

    PSS My name on Cp is actually Supersnack

  2. flkid1 says:

    YAY I MET ROCKHOPPER COOLIO! see i was on at like midnight then it said the room was full but i kept trying to get in amd i got in!

  3. coooliorcoks02 says:

    wow when will he come out again? does he come out every night late? and when is rockhopper leaving?

  4. kasme10 says:

    i wanna meet u cooolio

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