Hey guys!

Hey everyone! I have a few things to post.

1. From Emperoar’s site- Obsession over Club Penguin

Are you obsessed with CP??

May 1st, 2007

No one should be “obsessed with CP”. I only get on twice a day, only to check emails and moderate all you guy’s comments. But, Of all you people that are on the computer for 7 hours a day, STOP!!! Trust me, I USED TO BE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE. But i usually don’t get on much now, having to do school work, and all other stuff, Im smashed up. So if you guys are wondering why i dont get on so much now, THATS WHY. IM NOT REPEATING THIS. So thats the reason for the lack of updates, and not being on meebo. For the people that are on the computer (CP) for 7 hours a day, JUST GET OUT OF THE INTERNET AND PLAY!!! I hope that helped you get more motivated into getting outside and giving reasons for not being on the computer alot.


He’s right! So please, PLEASE don’t be on CP for hours at a time. I only get on 1-4 times a week, depending on weather. It’s summer, so there might be less updates and I haven’t been on meebo a lot, so if you could please put your suggestions in the comments, and STOP POSTING SPAM!!!! THAT MEANS NOTHING THAT YOU COULD’NT SAY ON CP!!! All of those comments are automaticly deleted, so if your comments are not showing up, use a different name, telling that you cannot comment, and I will get to it very soon. Don’t swear. Thank-you.

2. There is something good planned for finding the lost map this weekend! I will post the answers to it then, as well as the new furniture secrets.

3. UPDATES ON WEDNES DAY!!! Late this Wednesday, https://cheatincp.wordpress.com/ will have some more awesome updates! There will be pictures in the pictures page, New pages including Igloo Design, Concerts, Party Page, Gossip, and much, much more!! There might also be a new header!! VOTE!!!

Should Cooolio put a new header on the Website?

   Yes   No   Don’t Know   Don’t Care

Also post what you think in the comments box!

4. My internet might be fixed tomorrow so I will be able to post more! Right now I am at a friend’s house.

5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FI1rZo-AyFg Cool Video by Fault123

6. I sent a letter to CP. This might be an awesome summer party! (REAL)

Cooolio wrote:

I have a great idea for the summer party!!! What you should do is make parts of CP
UNDERWATER!!! that would be so cool!!!!!! Also…… PLEASE dont bring back the old
summer party items. You guys are doing great with not bringing back items! You should
make a shower cap!! Thanks!!




Thanks for your email. That’s such a great idea! I will make sure to pass your suggestion
along to our development team for further consideration, you just never know what might
happen next in the world of Club Penguin!
Waddle on!


Club Penguin Team


Questions or Comments- POST THEM!!!



3 Responses to Hey guys!

  1. Backwash10 says:

    Should Cooolio put a new header on the Website? yes but if you put it on and it takes forever no.

  2. fault123 says:

    ya u should cooolio and thx for puttin my vid on o ya u go on my site or did u see it on youtube thx

  3. haille199 says:

    i know this isnt a comment but is word press free or do you have to pay?

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