Royal Throne: in the word “Throne” on the princess page.
More coming soon… Hopefully…
Secret Stone: In the blue diamond in the linolium flooring.
Snow Globe: Click all the words “Snow” and then click the window in the basic igloo=
Click the bolded words-
Page 2= Tired of cold hard SNOW floors?
Page 12= Delux SNOW Igloo
Page 13= SNOW Igloo
Page 13= Each SNOW igloo is hand crafted just for you.
Page 14= Split level SNOW igloo.
Page 14= Plenty of space for all your furniture needs, in the multi-level SNOW igloo.
Now click the Window on the Basic Igloo!
Havent found the Delux Stone Yet…



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  1. dude says:

    thanks dude that helps 🙂

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