Secret Secrets!

Sorry about the late post, my computer was not working right! I still can’t upload any pictures though.

Divers Helmet- In the Newspaper Hat
Blue Cape- In the pink tuft on the top of the Marching Band Hat
Headphones- On the sombrero
Viking Helmets- In the white space in between the Floppy hat and the Trendy Sunglasses
ITEMS BROUGHT BACK (I had all of them so I’m really mad.)
Divers Helmet
Grass Skirt
Tiarra \/
Blue Scarf
Green Toque
Russion Hat



8 Responses to Secret Secrets!

  1. Smalls1 says:

    How did Cooolio’s party go? He never said.

  2. Skully6000 says:

    coolio can i be your buddy?

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