War against Umas.

Ok, we’ve all heard of the Umas, right? Well theres to many of them! We have to fight back! So if you’re not an Uma (or whatever it’s called.), please join the rebellion against them. If you want to join the rebellion, email me at vchipmunkpunkv@aim.com with your name. We are called the AUMAA which is the ANTI-UMA-ASOCIATION.

Written by Blah654.
E-mail IS cooolios.


3 Responses to War against Umas.

  1. blah654 says:


  2. blah654 says:

    Thanks cooolio

  3. emperoar says:

    hi cooolio, blah654, and sargent salt,
    its me emperoar. i might think about deleting my site AGAIN. but this time, for good. i have decided that clubpenguin has become boring and old. i will delete my site, but not now. i will decide when to delete it when i want to. it will be gone by the end of the summer. i will still get on clubpenguin, just not alot. maybe every 2 weeks, every week at that. i hope you understand, but everyone has to make their mind once in a while. i really used to like clubpenguin alot, but now it is becoming boring. i mean, who wants to walk around in a pixel based town dressed in silly clothes, with lots of money, for hours??? for the people that do that, GET A LIFE. ya know. join a sport, finish school, get a job, get married, retire, die. lifes short. dont use all of your life on a game that has a town that has snow that never melts. i will probably not be on alot this week, so seeya penguins.


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