Clothes, Pin, and LEAK!

Today is a very important day in CP.

The leak worsned in the cave and mine, causing a flood.


Stuff to look at outlined in red.

Help along by getting the free hats (which I’m mad about because I already had it) At the mine!


-*-* -*-* -*-* -*-* -*-* -*-* -*-* -*-* -*-* -*-* -*-* -*-* -*-*

Now on to the pin-

In the Dance Lounge. On the leaf of the plant to the far left. (there already was a pin 2 inches away from it!)


-*-* -*-* -*-* -*-* -*-* -*-* -*-* -*-* -*-* -*-* -*-* -*-* –

Now, the Clothes

They brought back the Nacho Hat! Not Cool!


Viking Helmet: In the diver’s Helmet. Click 4 Times for the Blue one.cppicksclothingjuly071.jpg

Swim Goggles: On the drumsticks.


Blue Cape: In the Basket


Style of the Week:





One Response to Clothes, Pin, and LEAK!

  1. blueelmo7 says:

    what’s the nacho hat?

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