Newspaper stuffs

~Everything underground (except the boiler room) Will be off limits TOMORROW. Get a lot of coins from cart surfer, because it will be a week before you can play that.

~ No shortage of water due to flood (Read the paper for details)
~I was right about the ice rink pool. There will be Water Polo instead of ice hockey.

~Aunt Arctic answers about the GO BLUE and GO RED signs; also about Rockhopper’s arival time.

~How to catch the Big Fish

~Jokes (extra), Riddles, Poetry (extra).



Tomorrow, July 13-

    >Waddle On Water Party Begins
-Join in and make a splash with buddies.
    >Underground Closed
– flood damage repairs continue

July 18-

>Waddle On Water Party Ends

    >Expected reopening of Underground

July 20-

     >New Furniture Catalog

>New pin hidden



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