2 Days!

Hey guys, It’s Cooolio!

I just wanted to say Hi! Blah654 has done a great job keeping all of you updated! In 2 days I will be back home to post more.  I’m gonna arrange a party when I get back: The VACATION PARTY. You’ll all dress up in your best vacation clothes, and you can all hang out in my lounge. You can all get a chance to be in the Green Ganstaz! (I am going to remake the GGG [Green Gangsta Gazette] when I get back. There will be meetings and wars. =]

Newspaper Stuffs-

~-~ Winners announced! Congrats winners!

~-~Ski hill avalanch repares are done on Friday, bringing new courses!

~-~ Catchin’ Waves explanation.

~-~Aunt Arctic answers questions on the CP Band and Cart Surfer.

~-~ Astro-Barrier secret revealed

~-~Jokes, Riddles, and Poetry.

~-~ EVENTS!!!


The Weekend Party is the Camping Party! There will also be a Camping Party at my house, when that comes!


The NEW AND IMPROVED Green Gangstaz page will be up on the web on Sunday! It will have everyone in the GG and the NEW AND IMPROVED Newspaper!!!

The PARTY will be announced then.

I can’t wait!!



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