Woah. This is wierd.

Hey penguins!  Have any of you guys seen penguins with chat bubbles above their head, and nothing in the bubble?  If you have, it’s NOT a hack.  Its a secret.  A wierd secret.  Press “E” then “N” to get a bubble with nothing in it!  It’s awesome!                (=



One Response to Woah. This is wierd.

  1. Cooolio says:

    I couldn’t post this since I am not at my home, but thank you Blah654!

    Also- ALL the camping party stuff WILL BE POSTED tomorrow morning, by me or Blah654.

    In the Newspaper:

    ~Details about CAMP PENGUIN

    ~Sport Shop to open only for sports (As predicted)

    ~The Regulars


    +++August 24
    =Camp Penguin Starts
    -Don’t miss this weekend campout!

    +++August 31
    =New Pin
    =Sport Shop Project Complete

    +++September 7
    =New Clothing Catalog


    Thats all for now!


    PS- I will POST this soon

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