Ohkay, heres some really cool stuff:

1- I stopped at 2007 tickets on the Puffle Paddle game. I could have gone on for MUCH longer though.

2- There are some really awesome people in Club Penguin

3- CP hasn’t yet changed the loading screen for Hydro-Hopper


To get DOUBLE the amount of tickets you earn:

a. Play the game that gts you the most tickets (for me, its puffle Paddle)

b. Finish the game, so your at the screen where it says, “You have won ____ Coins”

c. DOUBLE CLICK the “ok” Button.

d. You now have DOUBLE the tickets for ANY of the carnival games!


(It’s my first, tell me what you think!)


I got really bored after i bought everything and had 8000 tickets.

5- Easy way to win the “Test Your Strength” game:

a. Go into that game.

b. Double click and HOLD the second click until the strength meter is full

c. Let go and watch your “MASSIVE MUCSLES” gain you 25 coins, or 50 with the above glitch.


Thats all for now!


How many tickets have you gotton total (In one login)?


Cooolio, Out.

(new siggy. like it?)


3 Responses to WHOA STUFF!!!

  1. coooliorcoks02 says:

    that stuff doesn’t work and coolio, how do you pick up paddple pin, i walk over it and it says do you want to pick up this item? and i say yes but then it doesn’t say, this has been added to your inventory. how do i get that pin?

  2. coooliorcoks02 says:

    ok thanks coolio

  3. joeninety says:

    i doubled to 2227 from 0 honestly

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