Shutting Down

Hi guys, this is the cheatincp team. We have some bad news.

Blah654 and I are very busy now, maybe in Summer we won’t be.

School, Sports, the works. It’s hard to get on. What’s gonna happen? So we’re gonna stop posting maybe forever, but hopefully just until summer. We won’t get rid of this siteso that you may use it as a referance for older cheats.

I’m sorry for all the people who rely on this site, but I highly recomend for all your cheating needs for the time we don’t post.

We aren’t sure where JordiD is, but I’m sure he feels the same way.

im sorry about this =[

-the CheatInCP team.


I found this today, a glitch from a mission.

I glitch I never Posted

Look at the message, and then what’s in there =P

EDIT: Hey, it’s JordiD! I haven’t had time to post (schoolwork and stuff) but I will try to keep CheatInCP going! Watch this space!


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